How we operate

Sikamaster Loans is very forthright (or blunt as some would like to say). Our model makes room for only serious qualified prospective borrowers and/or clients as it does away with antiquated business processes, practices, structures, inefficiencies, unnecessary operational costs, repetition, waste, useless meetings and unnecessary bureaucracy that slow down our operations.

We do not thrive on the ignorance and naivety of our customers and clients, as happens in many other financial institutions, hence our admonishment to prospective customers and clients to seek independent financial and/or legal advice when necessary, before committing to any loan agreement.

To better serve our customers and clients efficiently, we do away with hopelessly out-dated business processes and practices for this straightforward lending platform with a better self-care experience.

A predominantly digitised and automated direct lending service with little to no human intervention, until pre-disbursement and/or funding stage.


Non-deposit Taking

We take a different approach to lending. Straight-forward, open and honest. That's it.

We're not interested in all the 'long talk', meetings upon meetings, needless phonecalls and all the other time-wasting stuff. We believe in making the borrowing process as simple, clear and as fast as possible – putting you in control. Our common sense approach to each loan means we are often able to structure a deal, where other lenders may not.


Business Model

Sikamaster is strategically structured to remain profitable in any economic environment (upward or downward growth). Our loans rarely defaults, because the underlying payment streams mostly guaranteed and/or are linked to collateral assets. Our solid business model with several customised components raises capital from our in-house funding partners, and lend to two(2) categories of borrowers:

Category I

Sovereign Borrowers, via Treasury Bills & Bonds


Category II

Individuals & Businesses


Our deliberate mix and ratios ensure profitability irrespective of market and economic conditions and a precursor to our long-term business strategies and lines. Optimised the business structure, aimed to drive better focus and alignment with our current strategic priorities. Whilst we are very committed to making a lot of loans to Category II, we will not go ahead with such lending does not make financial and/or economic sense.

Under no circumstance is the lending rate for Category II going to be lower than the guaranteed returns that come with Category I. 


Money and Risk Management

We do not invest our proprietary capital with any external fund manager - we manage them ourselves and/or in-house.

Our common sense approach makes it possible for qualified borrowers to apply to borrow a lot faster. Prospective borrowers who cannot demonstrate ability to repay the loan when applying, cannot obviously qualify for funding with us.


Operative Model

Technological advancement has helped streamline our operations at a cheaper cost-effective manner meeting our minimum productivity levels, automating tasks that were previously run by human hands, including even using intelligent computer models and algorithms to make timely lending (investment) decisions. Over 95% of our operations have been digitised and/or automated and does not require any human intervention of any sort.

The 24/7 operating hours provide flexibility. No opening and closing times. Our model allows us to cut operating cost drastically that benefits the customer in cheaper larger loans and credit with speed and flexible terms and conditions.

We do away with hopelessly out-dated business processes, employ the lean human capital we need to carry on relevant business key to achieving our goals and objectives as well as that of serious clients ready to carry business forward. No Talkshop. No useless meetings (pre-application especially).


Online Applications and Technology

The implementation of e-applications and disbursement platforms has largely help cut down operational cost by almost 90 per cent, since electronic system allows for wider accessibility (and faster efficient processing) as many prospective clients can apply via the system without any human intervention.

Through automatic document analysis, Sikamaster is able to ‘process more quickly, reduce costs and achieve a lower error rate’ than through the work of human processng staff. Our technology platform has enough capaciity to process more than half a million documents a day - the document review system is able to recognise patterns, group information by subject, organise timelines, remove duplicates and eventually be able to sift for relevance. Our unique automated lending platform leverages open data networks and best positions us to empower small, medium and large businesses across the country.


Do Sikamaster Loans ever meet the loan applicant?

Not always .

But there are occasions when we will require a meeting. These face-to-face meetings happen prior to disbursement.

Otherwise in all circumstances you would meet our requirements for each loan type you are applying for.

No upfront fees are required to be made to us - All fees are deducted/applied to the loan to be disbursed and not to be paid out of pocket by the prospective borrower.


The Culture of Unproductive Meetings / Phone Calls

We don't do meetings and/or phonecalls, unless absolutely necessary, and usually post-application stage and not before you apply. Almost all enquiries (if not all) can be done simply, conveniently and cheaply via email or phone (where applicable) and not inefficiently done by face-to-face meeting.

Of what use is committing resources to meet a 1,000 'prospective borrowers' in-person for example and only 2 qualify?


Rate Policy

The minimum annualised interest rate for all our loans is 15.00 %.  >>Learn more


Capital Preservation

Sikamaster Loans is uniquely structured to preserve capital and/or gain a minimum 15% return at all times, including world-class 'stranded assets' management in line with group's modern portfolio strategies. We currently have a loan recovery rate near 100% (99.99%).


No Lender Liabilities

Borrowers are advised not to make any firm decisions concerning the loan being applied for until the lending decision has been made and/or funds arrive in the borrower's bank account. Under no circumstances shall the Sikamaster have any liability to any person or entity for any loss or damage in whole or part caused by, resulting from, or relating to any transactions related to funding refusal.

Borrower acknowledges and agrees that Lenders acceptance or approval of any action of Borrower or any other matter requiring Lenders approval, satisfaction, acceptance or consent pursuant to this Agreement, the other Loan Documents or the Environmental Indemnity, including any report certificate, financial statement, appraisal or insurance policy, will not be deemed a warranty or representation by Lender of the sufficiency, legality, effectiveness or other import or effect of such matter.


Employee Liabilities

Employees and/or staff who fraudulently approve a loan product without adequate due diligence (including borrower and collateral verifications) are personally liable for if such loans go bad.


Recourse Loans

All our loans are recourse -- i.e. after collateral is collected, we can still go after a borrower's other assets if we have not recouped all of our money (both principal and accrued interest)



It is reasonable and responsible for all prospective borrowers, or clients and customers to take steps to meet our financing requirements, before contacting us. We do not need to meet you at this stage.


Post Application / Pre-Lending

Due diligence takes place after receiving complete online financing application and all relevant supporting documents. We may only visit you at your place of work as indicated on your payslip (for employees) or trading address (for businesses) once to physically verify you.



Information on how to repay your loans, loan repayment assistance all made clear on this website.