Who we are

Sikamaster Loans is a direct lender and not a broker. This means you are not dealing with a middle-man when you talk to us, so if you can afford to borrow the money you need, and meet our requirements, we will lend it to you. Sikamaster has lending independence but is accountable for results to it's funding partners and/or parent company. 

With our non-deposit taking and/or no upfront fee direct lending business model, there’s no needed to go fundraising, and neither is there a need to go prove to the investor community and/or prospective borowers that we’re a viable company.



To provide excellent financial services through a well trained and motivated personnel to enhance stakeholder value while contributing to social progress in Ghana.



To be the premier provider of financial services in Ghana.


Name Origins

SikaMaster is obviously a combination of the words 'Sika' and 'Master'.

Sika is the local Ghanaian name for money or cash (in the Akan language)

Master is a reflection of our quest to dominate the non-bank lending space in Ghana and beyond, over several strands, with cutting edge technology.


Parent Company

Part of The DCANS Group.


Core Values

Teamwork – We believe working together as a team, we achieve

Oriented to Serve Customers – We are committed to exceed customers’ expectations

Integrity – We are upright in all our dealings

Quality – We deliver the right product and service at the right time and place

Accountability – We are answerable to all our stakeholders


The principles and beliefs on which the business is founded and that determine staff behaviour and business relationship.